Case Study – Reynaud’s Disease: Olivia


disclaimer: results may vary

In this condition the blood vessels of the hands partly close off when it is cold. Often it is only the middle fingers that go white but sometimes it involves the whole hand. The painful part is when the blood starts to re-circulate – a very painful ‘pins & needles’ feeling.  It is not a ‘serious’ condition, but it is a very uncomfortable one!

Reynaud’s Disease is not a disease at all.  It is simply a reaction.  It responds very well to Resolution Magic.  I know, because this is my story:

I used to have Reynaud’s.  I started noticing it when I was in my forties, in the winter. It happened when it was very cold, usually when I filled the car with petrol.  I remember when it first began.  I was filling up the car with petrol. I had no unusual sensation in my hands to tell me anything was happening, I simply felt the cold wind.  I went into the kiosk to pay, and then I noticed my middle two fingers on each hand had gone white. It was quite strange; I hadn’t seen anything like it before.

I paid for the petrol, and then I returned to my car.  I put on the heater as I drove out of the garage, and then I saw the colour beginning to fill back into my fingers.  Instead of it being a nice warm sensation, it felt painful, as if I had extremely bad pins and needles.  However, after about ten minutes, my fingers felt normal once again. I tried to keep warmer when I filled the car with petrol after that, but sometimes I couldn’t avoid the cold.

I began to notice the reaction if I was out walking on a cold day, and quite often when I was in the freezer section of the supermarket. I suffered this from time to time for about ten years.  Even though I had successfully used the programme for my M.E. and migraine over fifteen years earlier, in 2006 I had only recently discovered that it would have helped other things, like my IBS.  I had been working on my hay-fever that summer, and now I decided to work on my Reynaud’s in the winter!

I began to use the Programme regularly, every time I thought it might be cold enough to set off the reaction.  I had an idea that the blood could possibly be shutting off at a point in my shoulders, so I directed my ‘Go Aways’ at my hands, arms, and shoulders.  I really didn’t expect the programme to work, but I had decided to Resolution Magic on everything!

I had to wait until cold mornings at the petrol station came along to do my active sessions. I began the ‘Go Aways’ before I got out of the car, and continued with them, silently, while I was filling the car with petrol.  I had managed the whole programme for my migraine by saying the words under my breath, so I did not doubt that they would work for me again.  I had no idea when or if it would work for this reaction, I just ‘did it anyway’.

I couldn’t be sure if I had been successful, as the reaction only happened a few times each year. Towards the end of the second winter, on 4th February 2009, I went to my daughter’s wedding.  It was a clear sunny day, with a brisk icy-cold breeze!  After a long photography session outside the church, many guests stepped into the warmth of a big red double-decker bus, waiting to take us all to the reception.  As we all took our seats, I noticed the white fingers of the man in front of me.

He had Reynaud’s!  I commented at once, and told him that I had been working on mine.  I looked down to see how bad my hands were, fully expecting to see them ghostly-white. I had been shivering for about fifteen minutes and my hands were very, very cold but there was absolutely no sign of a reaction.

And that was the end of my Reynaud’s Disease!