Case Study – Plantar Fasciitis: Carol

disclaimer: results may vary

Carol had been away from work for three months on sick leave, trying to cope with a searing pain coming from her heel – plantar fasciitis.  The pain was unrelenting, wavering in intensity from ‘very bad’ to ‘off-the-scale’ all the way through twenty-four hours, seven days a week. After many visits to the pain clinic at the hospital, and having tried the strongest of drugs, nothing had made any difference.

Carol visited me the same day that she heard about my work.  For two hours, I worked with her to trace down the origin of her pain.  You can read how to do this in the book, ‘Resolution Magic’, chapter 6, part 7.

Before I addressed the pain from her heel, I worked on the pain in her back which she had suffered from for years.

I was able to begin by tracing down the links from physical symptoms, to the past events that were instigating these neurological waves.

Some of the past events were accidents, like the time she fell down some stone stairs.  The accident physically damaged her lower vertebrae, and subsequently had two operations.  I used an exercise specifically for post-accident pain, called ‘The Blueprint’.

Some therapists believe that each cell has its own ‘memory’.  It tells a cell what its role is, for instance, if it should be a cell inside the stomach, or a cell in one of your muscles.  And it records how it should be structured, for instance, if it should be smooth or bumpy!  If a cell loses its memory, it doesn’t repair itself back to its original form, or function properly. Scars can repair, and residual pain can disappear after the blueprint exercise.

In the exercise, Carol went back to a time when her back was absolutely perfect, took a blueprint, and then brought it back to the present moment.

Other pains, tensions and aches in Carol’s back led back to memory boxes.  In one of these memories, Carol came home to her first-floor flat with her new baby.   The tenants downstairs began to steal clothes from her washing line, and shopping from the baby’s stroller.  Carol felt utterly miserable, afraid and victimised. The Changing Effects of Past Experiences exercises began.

One by one, the events were given the magic touch, and each part of Carol’s back let go of the pain.  Finally, I reached the painful heel.  It transpired that her heel was holding on to a very normal worry she had for her children.  She was a simply worrying about whether her children were happy!

It took some slow, negotiating skills to allow her mind to ponder on questions I posed until it agreed that she was not responsible for her children’s happiness.  She was only responsible for loving them, unconditionally.  Once agreed, a few seconds elapsed while Carol assimilated this new idea.  And then she returned to the place where that raging pain had been for three months, seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.  It was completely gone.  All in one two-hour session.

Finally, Carol was pain-free. Not only in her heal, but also in her back, her shoulders, and her neck.

This is an example of how past events can cause physical symptoms, and why the Changing Effects of Past Experiences is an important part of Resolution Magic.