Case Study – IBS: Katy

disclaimer: results may vary

Katy’s symptoms of IBS began as an occasional inconvenience and ended up as a frequent worry.  Katy was a young career girl who was worried about her Irritable Bowel Syndrome because it could start up when there were important meetings or busy times at work.

Very often Katy used to wake up with a knotted feeling inside, worrying about the day ahead.  There were two or three really bad days every week.  Abdominal cramps began early in the day, often on the way to work.  Sometimes Katy was really bloated, like a football.  The symptoms were unpredictable – throughout the day they would come and go.

The fear of the discomfort starting at a really inconvenient time played on Katy’s mind, and often she felt a wave of panic on the way to work, thinking “What if”, especially if there was going to be a meeting that day.

When Katy was having a business lunch, she didn’t eat anything at all in case it set things off.   Some days were a nightmare, having to make excuses to go to the bathroom many times in the day.  It was so embarrassing having to disappear from her desk so often.

At the end of days like these, Katy felt completely drained.  She didn’t know how to change this situation, and she didn’t know if she would be able to cope for much longer.

After just two weeks on the programme, Katy began to feel her old confidence returning.  Firstly, there was no more ‘knotted feeling’ inside, as she woke up. As she travelled in to work, there was no more anxiety about the day ahead.   She was delighted that she had not bloated up like a football at all – not even once, since beginning the programme.

Katy used the different techniques in anticipation of conferences and began to sail through them without an incident. She began to have a normal life, free from the anxiety and symptoms of IBS.