Case Study – Blushing: Samantha

disclaimer: results may vary

Samantha was constantly annoyed by the way she blushed – all of the time.  Whenever she began to speak to someone else, she blushed.  As soon as she stood up to give a presentation, she blushed.  If she walked across an open space in a supermarket, she blushed.

It was so annoying, because she really didn’t feel at all nervous.  She simply couldn’t understand it. Samantha had been using the Resolution Programme for IBS, so she asked me on one of the telephone coaching sessions, whether I could help her with this problem.  Samantha thought that as it was a physical problem, because of her fair complexion, she probably wouldn’t be able to change it.

I began to question her about her blushing to identify a few specific occasions when it happened, where she would be able to use the Resolution Magic techniques.

Every day, Samantha set aside five minutes for the ‘blushing project’.  She had written the three main occasions where she usually blushed, ‘At the supermarket; giving a presentation; talking to the opposite sex!’

Samantha remembered the last occasion when she had given a presentation, where she had stood in front of the other members of her team, and presented the targets for the following year, with a glowing, bright red face.  She remembered a time when she had spoken to a young man in the corridor and when she was walking through the supermarket, times when she felt herself blushing.

Samantha began to do some Resolution Magic exercises on the memory of these occasions.

At the next telephone coaching session, I asked her how she was getting on. Memories were beginning to pop into her head, from other times in the past when she had blushed.

‘I can now remember the very first time when I blushed so much.  My face must have been bright red, it was so hot it was burning!’ she recalled.  I asked her to tell me the whole story.

‘It was when I was about nine years old, and a friend of mine had shown me how to conceal a bar of chocolate up my sleeve, and then steal it from a supermarket.  I wanted to try it, to see if I could do it.  As I walked along, my mother noticed a flash of colour from my sleeve, and discovered my guilty secret.

My mother decided that shock tactics were required, and began to SHOUT at me in the middle of the supermarket.  Everyone in the whole supermarket could hear her.  I was frozen to the spot. My mind went completely blank, my face burned and I just stood there, frozen to the spot.’

No doubt the shock tactics worked, and this was the end of Samantha’s career as a master criminal.  However, it probably was the beginnings of her blushing problem!

Samantha could now use the ‘Changing the Effects of Past Experiences’ exercises.

Afterwards, Samantha wondered what would happen next time there was any occasion to blush.

Samantha breezed through the next presentation.  She deliberately went out of her way to talk to men, and she walked across any open space she could find.   No blushing!