Here is a client testimonial:-


I have Rheumatoid arthritis and allergies and through Olivia and her book I am seeing real results after about a year of implementing the principles. I see it as a long term self improving project as opposed to a quick fix. Before starting the program I was in constant pain 24hrs a day and waking throughout the night, unable to sit comfortably at all and now unless I am doing anything mad I can find relief from pain. I know I probably have a long way to go but have been ill for 30 years so am not expecting miracles. I just know that I am not constantly popping pills and can sleep better than ever and feel years younger already!

Not just physical improvements, I have really felt the benefits of being able to deal with emotional issues such as my sisters death and family worries. Real practical methods of stopping over-worrying in its track before it makes you physically ill – I firmly believe the two are inextricably linked and when I feel low it is soon followed by more pain. Deal with the depression and I start to feel better.

I had got to a real crisis in my medical treatment when everything I tried made me ill or didn’t help me at all and this program has given me hope in my despair and is a true life saver.


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