Case Histories

Migraine case histories:

Marilyn had chronic daily headache and migraine for 40 years. Includes a recorded interview.

Katy was only 12 years old when she began the programme for her migraine. Includes a recorded interview.

Anna   Anna’s migraine story is typical of so many; gradually worsening symptoms and increasing medication

Carol thought the programme wasn’t working – until she looked at her chart

Hiliary suffered from migraine every month – until she retired, and then it occurred every day for the next ten years

Louise found the Resolution Programme worked like magic!

Matthew was missing at least one day a week at school

Tina & Kerrie.  Tina had migraines brought on by shopping! Her daughter Kerrie had one migraine every week


IBS case histories:

Mark used the programme for his debilitating IBS and other symptoms – including hay-fever! Includes a recorded interview.

Catherine   gave up work because her symptoms were so debilitating

Katy   suffered every day at work

Jacqui -  the marathon runner


Other case histories:

Chronic pain and epilepsy- Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy – Tracy had raging, off-the-scale pain that continued to escalate after an operation, and nothing the pain clinic could do could stop it. Includes a recorded interview.

Tinnitus - Anne – also includes symptoms of panic, vertigo, headache, driving phobia, shoulder pain and plantar fasciitis (foot pain). Includes a recorded interview.

Temporaral Lobe Epilepsy - Simon descibes these symptoms and how he used the programme to change his life.Includes a recorded interview.

Myalgic Encephalomylitis M.E. Sue describes her symptoms. Includes a recorded interview.

Dermatitis - Janet explains how she suffered year after year. Includes a recorded interview.

Fibromyalgia - Maureen explains how this affected her life. Includes a recorded interview.

Energy ‘Dips’ - Jacqui describes this strange symptom, these narcoleptic episodes. Includes a recorded interview.

Backache - Julia describes how she used the programme for excruciating, paralysingly painful backache. Includes a recorded interview.

Emetaphobia - Briony was almost a prisoner in her own home

Plantar fasciitis - A raging pain from her heel continued day and night for three months until Carol discovered Resolution magic.

S.A.D. Seasonally Affective Disorder - Linda mentally ticked off nearly every subject on the symptoms list, and gradually worked through them all, until life became ‘normal’ again.

Sciatica - Diana suffered days on end with unrelenting back pain.  Some times all she could do to relieve it was to lie on the floor.

Verruca - For ten years, Fiona had the worst verruca anyone had ever seen.

Vertigo 1 – Robert suffered debilitating vertigo regularly, having to stay at home for many weeks every year.

Vertigo 2 - Carole suffered from migraine in her teens, IBS in her twenties, and now, in her thirties, she had vertigo.

Hay-fever 1 – Louise couldn’t take her children to the park, and she had to watch out of the window as they played in the garden.

Hay-fever 2 – Tony couldn’t walk across the car park without becoming debilitated by hay-fever.

Blushing - Samantha blushed so often, but why didn’t other people do too?

Asthma - Anna nearly died three times from asthma the year before she began the programme. (Watch her interview on the home page video).

Asthma - Stephen was a young boy who couldn’t do any outdoor activities in the summer.

Anxiety & Tinnitus - Chris thought he was going out of his mind.

Reynaud’s Disease - This is my story!

Emetaphobia - Bryony had migraine and emetaphobia.

Swollen Ankles - Helen used the programme for IBS, depression, and swollen ankles!

Computer-block - it’s the new ‘writer’s block’!